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on the Vaal
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Does Maraneman have its own Indemnity forms?
Do you provide bedding & cutlery?
Do you have facilitators controlling activities?
Do you have a Tuck shop?
Do you have a sound system with projector?
Do you have a swimming pool?
What do I need to bring along to camp?
How far are the nearest doctors’ rooms & hospitals?
Do you have a medi-kit on premises?
Yes we do.  Please remember that we require that only our own indemnity form is used, as we 
cannot accept another form… even if our name is mentioned.  Click here to download form.
Do you offer free entry to some guests?
Do we pay the same price for Busdrivers and small children?
Our school has a low budget for camps, can you help us?
Do you sell DVDs and photos of the camps?
Please bring yourself to camp!  As for the rest, click here to download the list.
Yes we do.  We are also in the process of constructing a 1500m2 lazy river with large beach
Pool and picnic island.  We cannot wait for the construction to be completed!
Maraneman has a sound system, with lighting and a projector in our youth hall.  
Maraneman has a First Aid kit on the premises.  We do not provide any medication, however.
The nearest doctors’ room is in Deneysville, 35kms away and the nearest private hospital is
In Vanderbijlpark/Vereeniging, 80kms away from Maraneman.
Maraneman offers 1 Free admission for every 35 guests paid for.  Children under 3 years (who
sleep in camping cot with parents) have free entry.
Maraneman always tries to accommodate school budgets as far as possible.  If you have a 
certain budget in available, you are welcome our office for assistance.
We do offer a camp DVD with a compilation of video clips and camp photos of your camp,
afterwards.  However, we do require that at least half of your group orders a DVD in order
for all the editing costs to be feasible.